B Know How

sigma-tau Health Science, the makers of B Record Plus™, is the specialist division of a leading pharmaceutical company. The company has spent a long time researching and understanding health and the role of human cellular metabolism in maintaining health. Consequently, sigma tau Health Science understands what can affect the metabolic processes:

  • Affect of nutrients in the diet
  • Ageing which affects the efficiency of our metabolism and the absorption of micronutrients by the body
  • Environmental factors in everyday living
  • Everyday demands on our energy needs, particularly with exercise.

As a result, our bodies require micronutrients through regular dietary intake.

sigma-tau Health Science research has also led to the Multi-Function Ingredients System (MIS)™; a unique way to combine micronutrients so they are available to the body readily.

As you would expect from a global leader, all products can be used in combination with pharmaceutical treatments, are safe and have been manufactured to the highest standards with scientifically proven ingredients.

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