Frequently asked questions

I’m a vegetarian. Can i take it?

Yes. The ingredients are not derived from animals.

Who can take B Record Plus™?

Anyone from the age of 12 upwards can enjoy B Record Plus™. It can be taken in combination with prescription medicine but you should mention it to your healthcare professional.

How do i take it

Watch demonstration video.

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Why are there bits left in the bottle?

The bits are left when not all the vitamin has mixed in. Next time try to give it an extra good shake. Don’t worry; it looks more than it is.

I have several food intolerances, can I take B Record PlusĀ®?

B Record Plus™ does not contain any gluten, wheat, lactose, fish or artificial colours.

Why do we need to take it for at least 2 weeks?

B Record Plus™ is absorbed immediately and is designed to be used every day. By taking for two weeks it will help sustain your daily energy requirements. It may therefore allow you to prepare for and participate in the key events. For example, if you are studying for exams, you need to be sure you are at your best while revising, during the exams and probably for the celebrations after!

Where can i buy it?

The product has only just been launched. Over time we hope that you will find it in most pharmacy stores around the country. In the meantime if you can’t find it in your local pharmacy and have asked, you can buy it on-line.

Why such an unusual bottle?

The bottle was designed to ensure that B Record Plus™ is at its freshest when you take it. Screwing the cap releases the (Vitamin B12) into the other ingredients. A quick shake ensures, and B Record Plus™ can be taken anywhere. Freshly made each time you take it, keep a supply in for those particular demanding times of your life.

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